Paper Prints Policy


The "Corpus Journal of Social Sciences & Management Review" recognizes the importance of disseminating scholarly research through various mediums, including print publications. This document outlines the policies related to paper prints for manuscripts accepted for publication in the journal.

Print Publication Schedule:

The journal aims to publish print versions of accepted papers on a [specify frequency, e.g., quarterly, semi-annually, annually] basis. The publication schedule is subject to change, and authors will be informed of any adjustments well in advance.

Print Layout and Formatting:

Authors whose manuscripts are selected for print publication must adhere to specific layout and formatting guidelines provided by the journal. These guidelines ensure consistency and readability in the print version. Details regarding fonts, margins, and other formatting specifications will be communicated to authors upon acceptance.

Ordering Print Copies:

Authors, readers, and institutions interested in obtaining print copies of the journal can do so through [provide details about the journal's distribution channels, website, or partnering platforms]. Information on how to place orders and associated costs will be available on the journal's official website.

Print Subscription Options:

The journal offers subscription options for individuals and institutions interested in receiving regular print copies. Subscription details, including pricing and duration, can be found on the journal's website. Subscribers will receive their copies via [describe the journal's chosen distribution method].

Open Access and Print Copies:

The "Corpus Journal of Social Sciences & Management Review" is committed to open access publishing. While the electronic version of accepted manuscripts will be freely accessible online, print copies may involve additional costs to cover production and distribution expenses.

Copyright and Permissions:

Authors retain the copyright to their work, and the journal will typically require a license to publish. Permissions for reproducing content from the print version of the journal should be sought directly from the authors.