Withdrawal Policy


The withdrawal policy of the "Corpus Journal of Social Sciences & Management Review" is designed to provide a transparent and fair process for authors who wish to withdraw their submitted manuscripts. This policy aims to uphold the integrity of the publication process while respecting the rights and concerns of the authors.

Withdrawal Criteria:

Authors may request the withdrawal of their manuscript from consideration for publication in the "Corpus Journal of Social Sciences & Management Review" under the following circumstances:

  1. Voluntary Withdrawal: Authors may voluntarily withdraw their manuscript at any stage of the publication process. The request for withdrawal must be communicated in writing to the editorial office, and the decision will be finalized upon approval by the Editor-in-Chief.

  2. Duplicate Submission: If a manuscript has been simultaneously submitted to multiple journals or has been published elsewhere during the review process, the editorial team reserves the right to withdraw the manuscript from consideration.

  3. Ethical Concerns: Manuscripts that violate ethical standards, including plagiarism, data fabrication, or any form of academic misconduct, may be withdrawn at the discretion of the editorial team following an investigation and consultation with relevant parties.

  4. Written Request: Submit a formal written request for withdrawal to the editorial office. The request should include the title of the manuscript, the names of all co-authors, and the reason for withdrawal.

  5. Editorial Review: The editorial team, including the Editor-in-Chief, will review the withdrawal request. If the request is deemed valid and meets the withdrawal criteria, the decision for withdrawal will be communicated to the authors.

  6. Notification: Upon approval of the withdrawal request, the corresponding author will be notified in writing about the withdrawal decision. The manuscript will be officially withdrawn from consideration for publication.

  7. Public Disclosure: The withdrawal, along with the reason (if provided by the authors), will be documented in the journal's records. If the manuscript has been published online or in print, a statement indicating withdrawal will be included in the manuscript.